Online Training

Ideal for Puppies prior to and after vaccinations and unlike group classes is suitable for reactive and rescue dogs and all other dogs. Available during the day, evenings and weekends

Worried about technology, don’t worry it’s easy just click on the link I send you and away we go.  You don’t need to have Zoom to participate, all you need is a mobile phone, iPad or a computer with a camera and mic.

I’ll explain why, what and how we are going to train an exercise, carry out a demonstration/show a pre-recorded video and then you have the opportunity to have a go.  I’ll provide feedback to help you and your dog achieve success.  If you prefer to observe without your dog and practice later that’s fine too.

Using an online learning platform is perfect for building the life lesson foundations by training without distractions, ready to progress to the garden, walks and beyond.

You and your dog will achieve the same results. 

A hand-out will be emailed giving you a step-by-step guide to continue practicing what we covered in the session.

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